Welcome to my world wide web page. Above is my desk, where truths are told, coffee is consumed and the occasional house in The Sims is built. Sorry for the mess. You wouldn't believe how many floppy disks and boxes it takes to store all these files and reports because it is the 90s and USB sticks haven't been invented yet.

That dashing detective in the picture?

Swashbuckling sleuth; seeker of the truth. Digger of dirt; defender of the red shirt. Voice of the voiceless. Conqueror of corruption. From the cleaner with the broom to the suit in the boardroom -- no one can evade my endless crusade.

The squares think I'm on their side, but to my fellow truth-seekers, do not be fooled by my elaborate act! I have infiltrated the deep abyss of these ruthless capitalists as an ordinary working joe clutching on to the tattered remains of the American Dream.

Is your boss putting wealth before health? Do you suspect a time traveling killer robot is after you? Or does your friend just keep beating you at Super Street Fighter 2?

If you think you're caught up in a conspiracy, have a campaign of misinformation that needs participated in or you've got a case to be solved, either real or fictional, then I'm your man.

No dames, though. They're nothin' but trouble.

Okay. I guess dames are allowed.

Need to get in touch? You can find the address of our office below. Just keep your distance from the locals.

42 Jack Street
Raccoon City, 89412 USA
Phone: (141) 555-5058
Fax: (141) 555-5056

However, you're probably best e-mailing me, as it's very likely my phone will be engaged because I'll be connected to the internet.

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