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Who is S. W. Argyle?

Oh, that dashing guy in the pic above?

Swashbuckling sleuth; seeker of the truth. Digger of dirt; protector of the red shirt. Voice of the voiceless. Conqueror of corruption. From the part timer in the stockroom to the suit in the boardroom -- no one can evade my never-ending crusade.

So take a look at this webpage, from the man who doesn't sleep. It'll keep you alive and stop you being a sheep.


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How can you help?

Bring down the evil corporations by using only 10p coins to pay for your shopping at the self-serve machines!

Keep your television and hi-fi volumes on prime numbers or ones dividable by three to stop the brainwaves from taking effect!

Avert their suspicions as you snoop around by carrying around a clipboard in work to look busy!

Tell me of your daring exploits in my guestbook!

And what ever you do, make sure you are subscribing to your weekly edition of News from the Notepad!

If there's a conspiracy to be heard, a campaign of misinformation to be participated in or you've got a case that needs solved, whether real or fictional, then I'm your man.

No dames, though. They're nothin' but trouble.

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As good as I am, I can't be everywhere at once. Contact me on 555-5058 or e-mail me, because it's very likely my phone will be engaged as I'm probably connected to the internet.

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