"Demodding: Punishment or Freedom?"

From "Macintosh Monthly" (June 1996)

A whistleblower has described the moment where they were demodded from a streaming channel as "a brief, beautiful moment of bliss, free from the shackles of autocratic tyranny".

The informant said that the pressures of the responsibilities were overwhelming and stress-inducing. "We were expected to be on our guard at all times for Big Follows bots, capitalists and Super Mario fans."

"When the streamer said some-thing, we had to agree with it. When he finally made it past a simple platforming segment on the thirtieth attempt, we were expected to clap like seals."

The ordeal raises the question of whether a moderator can truly enjoy the content of the stream and whether the accountabilities given to them is suffocating. Another Moderator, who did not wish to be named, said "I can't sleep at night. My work is suffering. I started doing this thing called chaos streams, every Wednesday. It was my cry for help."

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