"Gene Destroys Frenchtoast"

From "Tales of Horror (Vol. 2)" (May 1997)

The world was stunned when "Gene the Supreme" annihilated Jack-box host Frenchtoastplease at 'Mad Verse City' on Friday, April 30.

The streamer was noticeably devastated, and upon his defeat, proclaimed that they would not be playing any more games and would be ending the stream. Some viewers have claimed that this is evidence of a "rage quit", something which a Scottish streamer has continually and unfairly been accused of, though Frenchtoast claimed it was due to tiredness.

Large sections of Frenchtoastplease's fans protested on the internet, demanding he resign from his current positions as "Curator of Chaos" and "King of the Indies". One disgruntled viewer said "he lost to Gene, a computer controlled character who just generates nonsense. He has brought shame on his fans and he has offended the Shaolin temple."

While initially disliked, Gene's popularity has grown, something which this journalist says is deserved. Gene is the underrated star of the Jackbox series. Often drafted upon at short notice, he is happy to play hundreds of games at once where there is an odd-number of players.

He provided the lucky viewers of the highly-competitive game with three thespian classics, with such princely poetry like "sweat is pouring from your eyelids / it could fill the aquarium where I keep my squids" and even referred to the frequent allegations of the host rigging his games by saying "you say you kill verses but you just commit voter fraud / the key to a green yard is using good sod".

Commentator Gorilla Monsoon said it was the greatest trio of masterpieces since Bret Hart's trilogy of matches to win the 1993 King of the Ring.

Prior to his victory over Frenchtoastplease, he defeated newcomer GoldRhapsody and drew with his tag team partner, though Beans beat him with the deciding vote.

While many would say he is merely a soulless computer program, he entertained us with his nerdy-looking exterior and robotic-sounding rhymes that made little sense nor had any relevance. So in truth, doesn't that make him more human than us all? Either way, Frenchtoastplease once again finds himself having to boot up the apology garden, and this time, he'll be hoping it's the last.

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