"Rise of the Sleep Stream?"

From "The Red Shirt" (May 1998)

There has been a sudden rise in a new style of stream, often joked about as being akin to an art film from the sixties. It is the so-called 'sleep stream'.

These live webcam feeds revolve around the people sleeping in a deep slumber in their beds. A peaceful voyage in to a subservient limbo of good behaviour, for the longer they sleep, the less they stay up late and question the rule of the world.

I can reveal that these are Government-funded channels, with thinly-veiled propaganda to encourage the workers and those 'who know too much' to sleep in their own 'comfy' beds.

But fear not, our comrade Frenchtoastplease is on the case. His chaos streams, filled with glitches and carnage are exactly what you need to keep you awake, keep the cause going and also stop Freddy getting you.

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