"Local Man Slanders Fan Favourite"

From "Waifu Weekly #84" (May 1994)

Liamthebemused, who is no stranger to controversy, has once again suffered the wrath of the internet with his recent rating of a popular 'waifu'.

Fan favourite 'Time Gal', the hapless hero of the cult classic of the same name, has saw circulation in multiple streams over the past week.

With her eye-catching outfit and cheery demeanour even in the face of danger, she was ultimately ranked as one of the worst fictional characters he has rated so far.

Many in attendance could not believe what they were hearing, with point deductions ranging from "she has these weird things on her arm, minus a point" to "her ass is on show" and even ludicrous statements such as "she's got a gun and never uses it". When fellow streamer Frenchtoastplease said Time Gal used her gun plenty of times when he played it, Liam had the audacity to blame him for streaming when he is in bed, so the point reduction remained.

If Liam didn't have a PR department, then he ought to think about getting one as yet again, insults and trash were hurled at a dozen computer screens.

Liam's inconsistent rating system no doubt leaves us all on the edge of our seats for the wrong reasons, and it's about time it all changes. What we need is someone who knows what they're doing. Who upholds the integrity of the waifu watch and ensure that justice is served for these lovely ladies.

I'll see you all Wednesday.

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