"Work of Art Discovered in Warehouse; Turns Out It's Just Bad Binning"

From "The Warehouse Weekly" (May 1998)

A patio set has been found stacked haphazardly in a warehouse bay usually reserved for much taller stock.

One art critic described it as "a sculpture that challenges the established norms of warehouse binning" while another said it was "a contemporary criticism on both the physical and mental burden carried by the frontline workers during the pandemic."

A colleague raised his safety concerns to on-again-off-again health and safety champion J. Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo Spock, who said the configuration did not contravene chapter 6, section 8.2 of the handbook. This excerpt of the leglisation states if there is less than a two finger gap between the stock and the shelf above it, then it was considered to be good binning.

In a further alarming plot twist, Shabadoo revealed he himself was responsible for the dubious binning.

Local klutz Bonnie Ann Clydesdale is the bookie's favourite to be injured, though there are some who hope that karma will strike, and it will be Shabadoo on the receiving end of an accident form.

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