What, the famous Hollywood movie star? That's right! Every one's seen one of his movies. He might not have been the best actor in the world and some people might say Jean-Claude Van Damme did the splits better, but 'Cage Match' and 'The Gist of My Fist' are way better than anything Van Damme has ever done. Well, except maybe Bloodsport. And TimeCop is all right.

Cage was one of our top agents before he was killed during a martial arts tournament. You can read about it here.

Every one needs a loose cannon on the team and what better choice than a coconut-smashing, bubblegum-chewing, kilt-wearing Scotsman?

Hosts the talk show "Piper's Pit", where he practically gets in to an argument or a fight with every single person that comes on to it. I guess you could say he's been a bit of a bad influence.

You may have heard about his exploits last year in New York? He's made a career out of infiltrating and escaping the worst places in the world, from Kansas City to Los Angeles to Coatbridge. When the truth needs more than just a newsletter to come out, this is the guy you ask to get his hands dirty.

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